Zone Face Lift

Lift your Face and Spirit ready to embrace the glow!
Transformation begins here…..

ZONE FACE LIFT™, a brilliant new facial treatment, is being hailed by many as a credible alternative to Botox, lifting both face and spirit. ‘A contender for London’s best facial treatment’, Zone Face Lift promotes a kinder, holistic approach to helping you naturally look and feel your best.

This deeply relaxing and restorative treatment not only focuses on the physical effects of ageing by lifting, tightening and sculpting the facial muscles; it also treats the whole body, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Each treatment is bespoke using a combination of facial reflexology, clear quartz healing crystals, Japanese facelift massage and Jade Gua Sha with an insightful reading of reflex points to aid with balance, working from the inside, reflecting out.


Benefits of ZONE FACE LIFT™

Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin from within
Plumps, smooths and lifts the face and sculpts the neckline
Relieves facial tension
Calming and uplifting
Relieves stress and tension and can reduce symptoms of headaches, migraines, sinus problems insomnia and
many other stress related conditions
Deeply relaxing and restorative
Naturally removes toxins and excess fluid helping to reduce puffiness
Offers a glowing and radiant complexion after just one treatment

ZONE FACE LIFT™ 12 Week programme
Results can be seen after one treatment, however to get the maximum benefit from this unique treatment, a 12 week course is recommended to sustain the results for longer.

When a 12 week programme is booked you will receive a complementary jade Gua Sha facial tool and be given tuition so that you can use it in between treatments to enhance the affects. You will also be treated to 2 holistic facials using Neals Yard organic products at a time within the programme that suits your needs. Each week you will be offered appropriate wellness and beauty tips.

If you’d like to book a Zone Face Lift you’ll find us near Canterbury in Kent. Call us on 07738 320271 to make your appointment or contact us by clicking HERE