Reflexology for children and babies


Many parents seek out complementary therapies to help their children when they suffer with minor ailments, Reflexology is particularly helpful as it is gentle and non-invasive.

Reflexology with children can begin at birth and can be used as a valuable tool for parents to dissipate their children’s stresses in a nurturing way.

Reflexology is particularly beneficial for babies who have experienced a difficult birth such as forceps or ventouse. Tiny bones of the skull will have experienced great pressure as a result of the use of these instruments, and it has been found that these bones can be marginally misaligned. Reflexology can help to correct this in the gentlest of ways.  It has also been proven to be effective with babies suffering with colic and teething problems.  Using gentle pressure and massage techniques, babies are especially responsive to reflexology.  
You can use reflexology as a natural healing therapy for acute illnesses as well as a preventative maintenance tool for good health.


Reflexology and the older child

Reflexology serves as a unique tool to maintain and establish a link between adult and child.  The stress of growing, the stress of injury, the stress of life all can be helped with reflexology.  The use of reflexology and its natural touch helps to build healthy and caring relationships with children.  The child gains a sense of worth and well-being, feeling comfortable in sharing their fears and worries. 

Reflexology is a way to show a child that one cares, to help build physical awareness and to provide a nutrient for the body’s ongoing development , to create a natural solution to the problem , to teach self-help, to teach self-reliance. 
It is advisable that treatments are shorter (up to 30 minutes) and gentle pressure applied. 

Clinically with young children it is best to avoid reflexology points involving most of the endocrine system, the exceptions being the hypothalamus when there are sleep problems, and the adrenal, which is often like a hard little pea in young children. The nervous system, lymphatics, sinuses, ear eye line and points, neck and shoulder are all good areas to do. 

Children are a delight to give treatments to and respond quickly and positively to them.