Maternity Reflexology


Maternity reflexology is specifically tailored to treat all aspects of pre conception, antenatal and postnatal care.


If you are trying to conceive, Reflexology can help support you and your partner both physically and emotionally. As this therapy is very effective in calming the nervous system, this helps to reduce stress and worry and increases well-being , helping you to cope better with the emotional journey along the way. Reflexology also aims to balance hormone levels enhancing the body’s own natural healing abilities, and enabling all body systems to function efficiently.


From the early stages of morning sickness to delivery discomfort, pregnancy can be physically and emotionally demanding. Maternity Reflexology can help and has proven to be particularly useful with providing relief of the following complaints during pregnancy
• Helping to rebalance and harmonise hormonal changes
• Morning sickness including hyperemesis gravidarum
• Nausea and headaches
• Pain & discomfort
• Backache/sciatica/SPD pain
• Stress & anxiety, helping you relax and take time out for yourself
• Lack of sleep, fatigue and exhaustion
• Constipation & diarrhoea
• Swollen / puffy ankles and legs
• Improve flexibility of pelvic floor
• Cramp
• Haemorrhoids & piles
• Heartburn
• Symptoms of pregnancy induced diabetes and high blood pressure
• Helping turn posterior babies around / breech babies to turn
• Inducing labour naturally
• Post natal care

Reflexology & Labour

Our bodies are equipped with wonderful self healing facilities, but these often fail to work properly because vital energy pathways are blocked due to stresses and strains of life. Reflexology carried out during labour involves pressure being applied to reflex points on a woman’s hands and feet to stimulate the pituitary gland and to induce the hormones known to speed labour and ease pain. The birthing woman is eased in to a comfortable chair, fully clothed and her feet rubbed and pressure points stimulated. The labour reflexology session can last from 45 minutes to an hour. For hospitals that support reflexology during labour, regular treatments occurring in 15 minute intervals can continue (Husbands and partners can be shown how to perform it on their spouses during labour and postpartum).

Postnatal reflexology

Postnatal care is often a neglected area. The physicality of having a baby is not spread over nine months, but twelve. For three months after the birth (the fourth trimester) your body is recovering from the effects of pregnancy.
In addition to the known benefits of reflexology, postnatal treatments can :

• Balance, harmonise and restore at this demanding time, helping the body adjust to different hormonal requirements and supporting emotional needs
• Relaxes body and mind
• Reduces anxiety and helps establish a calm inner centre
• Reduces tension, aches and stiffness
• It helps to restore the body to a non pregnant state
• Increases vitality and aids rest
• Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage
• Encourages wound healing